How to Hire a Top Bookkeeper: A Complete Guide

San Diego, Apr 12 2022

How to Hire a Top Bookkeeper: A Complete Guide

When preparing to hire a bookkeeper, you need to know exactly what to look for. Many programs will provide certificates to show you completed the course. Some provide free and low-cost resources, while others may be more expensive but provide more knowledge. If your prospective bookkeeper does, you should consider what you’d do if they’re sick or call out for other reasons—have a backup plan in case your bookkeeper is out of office.

Since bookkeepers aren’t required to have the same level of credentials as accountants, they are often cheaper to hire and can save your company money. After the skills tests have been completed, you’ll need to ask the successful candidates to attend an interview. Below, you’ll find some of the important bookkeeping interview questions you’ll want to ask your candidates. Qualifying questions are also an option with TestGorilla, which will round out the skills tests you ask your candidates to complete. Qualifying questions do what their name suggests – they determine whether your bookkeeper candidates qualify for your vacancy.

So you’ll have an area where you how to hire a bookkeeper record your income, just very simple line by line. BooXkeeping is a nationwide provider of affordable outsourced bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized businesses. Most startups don’t need an in-house CPA, at least in their first years of business. Understanding the cost to hire a bookkeeper empowers you to make informed decisions that balance financial considerations and quality of service. Evaluate your specific business needs, budget, and the value professional bookkeeping can bring to your operations. By doing so, you can ensure accurate financial management and pave the way for long-term success.

How to hire a top bookkeeper: a comprehensive guide

Listen for evidence that your candidate has the right skills, how they have used the software in the past, and, if not, how they can adapt to new accounting software. Your bookkeeper will also need to manage and oversee your organization’s accounts payable. They should be able to record all transactions and reconcile the accounts. The best way to find out if they can competently carry out this role is with an accounts payable test, which will assess each of these aptitudes. Accountants must also go further to take a higher-level strategic view of the business to offer financial planning advice.

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Your company’s culture is vital to its success, and you’ll want your bookkeeper to have values that match your business’s values. Through Flexjobs, it will be easy for you to post job descriptions for temporary bookkeepers and accounting staff. With the help of the American Accounting Association, you’ll be able to find a wide range of qualified candidates. Posting a job starts at $299, and there is no limit on the number of words you can use. Beyond having a transparent overview, it is also essential when preparing for annual tax reports.

  • • Excellent attention to detail and accuracy in data entry and financial calculations.
  • Even if you are looking to hire a bookkeeper for their technical skills and know-how, you will still want to conduct a complete pre-employment assessment to evaluate candidates in a well-rounded way.
  • Keep in mind that you will be looking for bookkeeping candidates that best suit your companys culture.
  • Intuit is dedicated to providing its employees with the ability to learn and grow throughout their time with our company.

By outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks or embracing automated processes, you can enjoy substantial cost savings. Entrusting your bookkeeping to a skilled professional outside your company can be more budget-friendly than hiring an in-house bookkeeper. Embracing automated How to hire a top bookkeeper: a comprehensive guide systems, like bank feeds and automatic transaction categorization, not only saves time but also minimizes mistakes. Harnessing the power of technology enables you to optimize your bookkeeping expenses and concentrate on your business’s unique strengths.

When To Outsource Bookkeeping Tasks

However, they may be less likely to offer training or educational opportunities. As more people move to working from home, freelancing, or starting their own businesses, you may want to learn how to become a virtual bookkeeper. A virtual bookkeeper must meet the same educational requirements as an in-house or in-person bookkeeper. Therefore, you should consider the education opportunities discussed above.

  • Not only can you expect the financial reports to be inaccurate, but by hiring the wrong bookkeeper, some of your business transactions might be incorrectly recorded.
  • Look for methodical answers that show dedication to catching the error and reconciling it instead of a quick, ineffective fix.
  • To learn more about accounting terminology, download the accounting glossary from Tech Republic Premium.
  • Candidates will be assessed on their ability to navigate the software and identify which features to use in any given scenario.
  • It is an essential component of bookkeeping as they have to maintain records and create reports that should be done timely and accurately.
  • They should be able to track all transactions and ensure books are in order.

If you think outsourcing is right for you, you can either go freelance or work with a professional bookkeeping firm. Now that you understand how to become a bookkeeper, you are ready to get started on your new path. Whether you are already in the bookkeeping field or just starting out, this guide can help you determine your next steps. There are many opportunities to work in a salaried position from home to gain on-the-job training.


If you want to learn more about the bookkeeping services we provide, you can check out this resource here. When you feel you have enough education, you can begin applying for jobs or start your own bookkeeping business. You will need to learn how to start a bookkeeping business in your location, such as how to file for a license if you choose to have an in-person office.

  • The first thing I can do is to review the business bank accounts to ensure that they are properly reconciled.
  • Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
  • If you’re interested in being a freelance virtual bookkeeper, you can sign up for freelance marketplace websites to connect with potential clients.
  • Through Flexjobs, it will be easy for you to post job descriptions for temporary bookkeepers and accounting staff.