Secors automotive is independent full-service smog inspection and star smog repair garage in Rancho Bernardo. Provides clients with exceptional auto repair, maintenance and smog test services.

Smog Test Rancho Bernardo

Star Smog Inspection


Star Smog Inspection Station

Secor’s Auto Service, Inc. is proud to be a STAR Certified Smog Check Test & Repair Station in Rancho Bernardo, CA.For many years, we have been providing top-notch smog repairs and smog tests in Rancho Bernardo for the purpose of meeting California’s clean air standards. No matter what year, make or model your vehicle is, if it meets California’s emissions requirements, we can help!

Secors Automotive in Rancho Bernardo performs smog inspections, as well as diagnoses and repairs failed SMOG inspections. You can expect complete assessments and follow-up services if you fail your first emission tests. We do not want you to pay any late fees or spend your vacation piggy bank on unforeseen repairs to pass your Smog Check.