Secors automotive is a full-service Acura service and repair garage.

Acura Service Department

Rancho Bernardo


Acura Service Rancho Bernardo, CA 92128

Acura maintenance schedules and literature

Our ASE nationally certified mechanics can provide diagnostics and repairs for most problems your vehicle may encounter. We highly recommend regular maintenance, including regular oil service, to give us the opportunity to spot impending problems and give us an opportunity to correct them before they lead to major breakdowns. If the problems we find do not require immediate attentions, we will monitor them for you.

When you bring your Acura to our Rancho Bernardo garage, you can expect: ASE nationally certified mechanics, same day service (in most cases). 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty, original equipment parts. Even when you bring your Acura in for something as simple as an oil change, we also inspect your tires, tire pressure, belts and hoses – we want to minimize any chance that something unexpected happens. We offer maintenance and service all Acura models, including: ILX, MDX, TLX, RLX, RDX, NSX.

Secors Automotive is a full-service shop – when you bring your car to us, we can provide not only routine maintenance like brake pad change or oil change, but also check engine light diagnostics, fuel pump, smog check, star smog inspection, failed smog diagnostics, freon check, serpentine belt, water pump, brake repair, timing belt, freon recharge, electrical system diagnostics, tires, radiator, transmission fluid filter maintenance, shocks, struts, clutch replacement, to name just a few.

So whether your Acura simply needs an oil service, or has a “check engine” light on, or is in need of serious repair, give us a call or schedule an appointment online. We are happy to help. Need a ride? We can give you a lift. Just let us know where you need to go, and our friendly staff will drop you off. We want to make your service as painless as possible, and a part of that is making sure you don’t stay stranded when you have important places to be.